Dear Parents:

What is your greatest hope for your son?

“He graduates.” “He graduates with a strong resume.” “He grows up happy.” “He is respected by his peers.” “He is a man of real character.”

College can be the intersection of hopes and fears in life. Short term pleasure and temptations often compete with college success and post-college career goals. Your list of hopes for your son probably did not include being a “frat guy”. We agree. Being a “frat guy” is easy — but being a “fraternity man” is difficult, but much more rewarding!

We realize that 18 to 22 year old males usually do not need guidance on how to have fun —it comes naturally. However, we do realize that leadership, ethical behavior, and people skills are critical to a young man’s personal development and each takes a little more effort, planning, thought, and guidance. Theta Xi offers its members tremendous leadership development programs not available to the average college or university undergraduate. Theta Xi’s leadership programs, commonly referred to as our All True Men Initiative, provides tools and programming for our members to develop the same leadership skills that America’s most well-respected corporations offer to their top executives.

Joining the Greek Community will enhance your son’s experience at Southeast Missouri State University. Take the time to research our values, history and mission and see if it aligns with your family’s values and your hopes for your son. We are confident that your son will benefit from a Greek experience, and especially the Theta Xi Experience!